10+ Comics That Nail The Everyday Pregnancy Struggles

Hi Guys! We represent to your attention 10+ Comics That Nail The Everyday Pregnancy Struggles!

Illustrator: Line Severinsen

We make all our best to make your day more sunny and funny. And now let’s go:

When you are so swollen that you look like the Michelin man

I didn’t see this coming

I didn't see this coming ? #pregnancyhumor

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Pregnancy cramps in the middle of the night

Sympathy pregnant


They say you shouldn’t eat for two..

What not to say to a pregnant woman

Fears about giving birth: water breaking in public

Expecting a kickboxer

Time for slip-ons!

Princess on the pea, #thirdtrimester sleep deprivation! More pillows please

That feeling in third trimester

9 months without alcohol ? + a few months after

Third trimester workout!

Tigermom ?? based on the quote “don’t be ashamed of your stretch marks! You’re a tiger and you have earned every stripe”

And other peoples opinions!

Have you had any pregnancy cravings?

Selling print, cups, tshirts from society now

Stop touching my belly!

So big that you are about to explode

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