20+ Of The World’s Most Amazing Restaurants

So, What’s up?! We represent to your attention 20+ Of The World’s Most Amazing Restaurants.

We make all our best to make your day more sunny and funny. And now let’s go:

#1 Dine In The Cave, Ristorante Grotta Palazzese, Puglia, Italy

#2 Perfect Location To View The Northern Lights – Northern Lights Bar In Ion Hotel, Iceland

#3 Dine Surrounded By Stunning Mountain Setting, Aiguille Du Midi Restaurant 3842m, Chamonix, France

#4 Share Breakfast With A Giraffe, Giraffe Manor, Langata, Kenya

#5 Dine Five Metres Below The Surface, Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Alif Dhaal Atoll, Maldives

#6 “A Place To Drink, A Place To Meet, A Place To Rest Your Hairy Feet.” The Green Dragon Pub In Hobbiton (New Zealand) Is A Perfect Place For A Real LOTR Fan

#7 Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant In Kenya Set In An Ancient Cave And Illuminated Entirely By Candlelight

#8 Impressive Steampunk Design, Truth Coffee, Cape Town, South Africa

#9 Dine Surrounded By Snow And Ice, The Snowcastle Of Kemi, Kemi, Finland

#10 Dine With Breathtaking Views Of Indian Ocean, The Rock, Michamvi Pingue, Zanzibar

#11 Dine In The Water In This Amazing Restaurant In Bora Bora

#12 Dinner In The Middle Of A Waterfall, Labassin Waterfall Restaurant, Villa Escudero Resort, Philippines

#13 Enjoy Your Alien Coffee At This Bizarre Bar, Hr Giger Museum Bar, Gruyères, Switzerland

#14 Your Meal Is Grilled Over A Volcano, El Diablo, Lanzarote, Spain

#15 Dine While Watching Old Sci-fi Movie Clips Shown On The Big Screen, Sci-fi Dine-in Theater Restaurant, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, FL, USA

#16 Serious Coffee, With A Hint Of Magic In Harry Potter Themed Cafe In Toronto, Canada

#17 Dine In A Magical Alice World, Alice In A Labyrinth, Tokyo, Japan

#18 Sip Your Coffee Surrounded By Only Black Cats, Nekobiyaka, Himeji, Japan

#19 Enjoy Your Special Event In The Sustainable Tree House, Redwoods Treehouse, Warkworth, New Zealand

#20 Cafe That Lets Animal Lovers Adopt A Dog While Enjoying A Cup Of Coffee, Dog Cafe, LA, USA

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