24+ Celebrities Who Had Surprising Jobs Before They Got Famous

#1 Jon Bon Jovi Worked As A Christmas Decoration Maker

#2 Matthew Mcconaughey Cleaned Chicken Coops And Washed Dishes

#3 Julia Roberts Worked As A Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Scooper

#4 Bradley Cooper Worked As A Doorman At The Morgans Hotel

#5 Mick Jagger Was A Bexley Mental Hospital Porter

#6 Jennifer Aniston Was A Telemarketer

#7 Jennifer Lopez Worked In A Law Office

#8 Walt Disney Was A Paper Boy

#9 Halle Berry Used To Work At Daily Express

#10 Ashton Kutcher Swept Cereal Dust At A General Mills Factory, Sold His Blood For Extra Cash

#11 Queen Latifah Worked At McDonalds

#12 Kate Bosworth Was A Competitive Horse Rider

#13 Michael Fassbender Was An Altar Boy At Weddings And Baptisms, Conducted Market Research For Britain’s Royal Mail And Had Numerous Bartending Positions

#14 Vince Vaughn Was A Lifeguard At The YMCA

#15 Patrick Dempsey Was A Juggler

#16 Jake Johnson Used To Sell Burritos Out Of A Van

#17 Ozzy Osbourne Used To Work At A Slaughterhouse

#18 Madonna Worked At Dunkin Donuts Until She Got Fired

#19 Demi Moore Was A Debt Collector

#20 Elon Musk Shoveled Dirt In A Boiler Room For $18/hour

#21 James Franco Worked At McDonalds

#22 Megan Fox Was A Waitress, She Quit Because Customers Couldn’t Keep Their Hands Off Her Body

#23 Gwen Stefani Worked At Dairy Queen

#24 Eva Mendes Worked In A Pizza Place And A Hot Dog Stand In Local Mall

#25 Courtney Cox Worked For A New York Concert Booking Agency

#26 Pink Worked At McDonalds

#27 Amy Adams Was A Hooters Waitress

#28 Nelly Furtado Used To Work As A Chambermaid

#29 Will Ferrell Was A Hotel Valet

#30 Lady Gaga Was A Waitress

#31 Tina Fey Was A Snack Bar Server At A Swim Club

#32 Marisa Tomei Worked At A Tony Roma’s Steakhouse

#33 Eminem Was A Short-Order Cook

#34 Blake Shelton Used To Paint Houses

#35 Julianne Moore Was A Waitress

#36 Ewan Mcgregor Was A Stagehand At Perth Repertory Theatre

#37 Mariah Carey Studied Cosmetology And Had Several Jobs In Salons Before She Gave Up On That Dream

#38 Rooney Mara Was A Summer Camp Counselor

#39 Jennifer Garner Was A Restaurant Hostess

#40 Harry Styles Worked At The W. Mandeville Bakery In Holmes Chapel

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